18 Communicative Temptations to Engage Your Child in their Natural Environment

When trying to help your child to actively participate in communication, there has to be a need, an opportunity, and a reward for his or her efforts. Communicative Temptations are a way to make sure that these three things happen. One of the most important things that we can do to assist in a child’s development of communication, is to not anticipate his or her needs/wants. … Read More

Language & Literacy| If You Take a Mouse to the Movies

Book Description The famous little mouse from the children’s classic If You Give a Mouse a Cookie is back in another irresistible tale full of holiday antics. This time, if you take him to the movies, he’ll ask you for some popcorn. If you give him the popcorn, he’ll want to string it all together. Then he’ll want to hang it on a Christmas tree. Pre-Reading Prior to … Read More

How Speech Therapists Treat Articulation Disorders

Some children have difficulty pronouncing words for unknown reasons. Others may struggle due to structural differences of the oral cavity or motor planning disorders. Correction of articulation errors is necessary, as speech-sound disorders place children at-risk for reading [and writing] difficulties. Children with moderately disordered sound systems tend to have poor auditory, phonological, and verbal memory skills (Sies, Taylor, Freebairn, Hansen, & Lewis 2007). EVALUATION To correct articulation … Read More

How to Appeal a Speech Therapy Health Insurance Denial

More often than not, patients seeking speech and language services are denied by their insurance companies, though many  insurance plans plainly state speech-language therapy is a covered benefit. Understanding your employers healthcare benefits manual is a good starting place. Further explanation of your coverage can be obtained from the benefits coordinator at your workplace.Policies may refer to treatment as speech therapy, speech pathology, rehabilitation services, speech-language, occupational, … Read More

Pros & Cons: The Breakdown of Early Intervention Services Through Babies Can’t Wait

Concluding that your child may be struggling in ways his or her peers may not is a tough moment for most parents. Deciding what to do next is even tougher and frankly could be overwhelming. Early intervention should always be at the forefront, but who and when you enlist them to provide those services makes a difference. States recognize the need to assist parents in navigating … Read More

10 Helpful Resources for Parents of Children with Autism

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The information contained within this blog post was shared with us by the parent of a current client, “Eric.” Eric was referred to Atlanta Speech Therapy for an evaluation due to a significant loss of words and a regression in social behavior, occurring just before his 2nd birthday, after a bout with RSV. Though there wasn’t a formal diagnosis, his parents and the assessing therapist observed many red flags associated … Read More

10 Recreational Activities for Children with Special Needs in Metro Atlanta

Parents of children with developmental and physical disabilities may experience difficulty finding activities which their child can comfortably participate. Ensuring siblings are simultaneously engaged and occupied can be another challenge. Many of the programs listed below are inclusive of typically developing peers too! Studio Movie Grill (John’s Creek & Duluth) For families raising children with special needs, private screening of family friendly movies is available. These … Read More

12 Tips for Encouraging Good Language Skills in Children

While understanding norms regarding children’s communication development is necessary for speech-language pathologists, encouraging use of good language skills throughout a child’s day is necessary for parents and caregivers. Doing this provides opportunities to develop appropriate communication skills necessary for daily interaction with peers and adults. Not to mention, early language skills are crucial in determining a child’s future school success. EXPRESSIVE LANGUAGE Anticipate their needs but allow them … Read More

What is a Speech-Lagnauge Disorder?

What is a Speech-Language Disorder? First, let’s define the vocabulary often used when we, speech-language pathologists, refer to communication disorders commonly diagnosed in young children. Speech Sound Disorder is used when sound errors persist past a certain age and can be as a result of an articulation (making sounds) and/or phonological process (sound patterns). Every sound has a different range of ages when a child should produce the sound correctly. Language Disorder is used  when a … Read More

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