6 Georgia Medicaid Waivers Explained (Video)

Most parents will undoubtedly agree kids are expensive! In 2015, CNN Money reported the cost of raising a child was $233,610. When a child has special needs, those costs can be multiplied by hundreds of thousands of dollars — and that is only counting the first 18 years of life. Those needs can linger well into adulthood and could require life-long care. Georgia has developed resources to … Read More

How to Apply for Katie Beckett Medicaid Deeming Waiver in Georgia

The Katie Beckett Deeming Waiver in Georgia permits the state to ignore the family’s income for certain children, who are considered disabled. It provides benefits to children, 18 years of age and younger, qualify as disabled individuals under the Social Security Act (§1614), and live at home rather than an institution. These children must meet specific criteria to be covered. Qualification is not based on medical diagnosis, … Read More

10 Questions to Ask When Contacting Your Insurance Company About Speech-Language Therapy

Speech therapy is often stated as a covered benefit by most insurances, though coverage is actually highly dependent on the member’s specific plan. This coverage is often dictated by what the employer has specified. This means two people can have Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance, but if those plans are purchased through different employers, coverage of speech therapy diagnoses will often vary. Assessment Coverage The first step … Read More

What You Should Know Before Selecting Your Georgia Medicaid Insurance

“Do you accept [insert CMO here]?” This is often the first thing that is asked by an exhausted parent when seeking therapy services for their child. Why are they exhausted? Because they’ve been relentlessly searching for a therapist who will accept the type of Medicaid insurance their child is covered by. It’s not an easy task to find a CMO which is widely accepted by rehab centers and … Read More

Georgia’s Autism Law: An Explanation of the Benefits Ava’s Law Provides for Georgia’s Children

Ava’s Law, named for Ava Bullard of Lyons, GA, whose early autism treatment helped to restore her speech, kept close watch as Governor Nathan Deal signed Georgia’s Autism bill into law on April 29th 2015.  COMPLETE OUR COMMUNICATION SCREENER AND RECEIVE IMMEDIATE RESULTS! What Does this bill mean for Georgia Families? Here’s how we interpret Georgia Constitution House Bill 429 (aka Ava’s Law) for meaningful autism … Read More

How to Appeal a Speech Therapy Health Insurance Denial

More often than not, patients seeking speech and language services are denied by their insurance companies, though many  insurance plans plainly state speech-language therapy is a covered benefit. Understanding your employers healthcare benefits manual is a good starting place. Further explanation of your coverage can be obtained from the benefits coordinator at your workplace.Policies may refer to treatment as speech therapy, speech pathology, rehabilitation services, speech-language, occupational, … Read More