Complete the appropriate case history form relevant to the age of the person needing diagnostic and/or speech therapy services. Curious about the process? What to Expect.







Everyone is unique and develops at his or her own rate. Over the years researchers have created norms, which describe an approximate age of acquisition and performance for communication milestones. Norms, as well as objective measures, provide guidance for speech-language pathologists to make a determination regarding the presence or absence of a communication disorder.


This e-mail will contain a link to this page and additional information needed to get started. Most importantly, information regarding insurance and coverage will be provided:

If you have commercial insurance, you will need to determine what your plan specifies as covered in relation to speech-language therapy.  Most insurance plans state “speech therapy covered” though that does not actually mean the evaluation and/or treatment will be covered. Coverage is determine by the diagnosis and a pre-authorization may be required. Atlanta Speech Therapy provides all potential clients, with commercial insurance carriers, access to a worksheet to assist in asking the right questions to completely understand your policy before completing our case history form. Once you have completed our case history form, we will also complete our own verification of benefits and provide you with an estimated costs of the evaluation and ongoing treatment.

If you have any form of Medicaid insurance, though an authorization is not required for evaluation, it is required for treatment.

To schedule an appointment, case history form must be completed and a non-refundable $35 deposit is required. Request our initial e-mail

Request our initial e-mail here.


The results of an evaluation determines the course and intensity of treatment required. Depending on the age group, the therapist may complete a criterion-referenced checklist, which includes an interview and/or perform standardized testing paired with an observation, all in addition to a caregiver interview.

Younger clients may require the therapist to follow their lead and/or initiate interaction to capture their ability to interact and complete certain communicative actions. Older clients can participate in a more structured setting and assessment tasks.

Sometimes results of the assessment can be relayed on the day of, but in most cases the speech-language pathologist will need to analyze the responses and later interpret.  A written report will be available for your review 21 days after the initial assessment. If needed, a plan of care will be sent to your primary care physician for signature.

If evaluation results determine therapy is required, some insurance carriers require pre-authorization to be completed prior to the start of therapy. The written report, signed plan of care, and referral prescription will be submitted to your insurance carrier for approval of therapy. The approval of therapy sessions may take up to 5-21 days from date of submission. Find out more about how to use your insurance benefits to cover speech therapy visits.

If therapy is determined necessary, immediately after the assessment, the therapist will perform a therapeutic assessment to determine the most appropriate goals for the plan of care and to gather baseline data.


If an evaluation has been completed within the last 6 months, we will submit that report to your insurance carrier for authorization before your first visit. Your insurance can take 5-21 days to review the submitted request and approve the start of therapy.

You can provide a copy of your previous evaluation to us by uploading the document(s) to the case history form or by asking the evaluating therapist or your pediatrician to fax a copy to 888-975-7556.

*If your child has an active IEP or IFSP, this document is required to be submitted to complete this process. Omission of this document can constitute insurance fraud. It can be uploaded to the case history form mentioned above.

*Amerigroup requires submission of a hearing screenings before therapy will be approved. 


Therapy is guided by individual needs and areas of weakness, as determined by assessment. Our services are provided in our Roswell office on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Therapy is usually scheduled for two half-hour visits per week for a 3-6 month period. Regular attendance is important to demonstrate progress.

What happens in therapy? Take a peek inside our therapy room here.

*Group therapy sessions may be available for private pay clients depending on homogenous peer availability.

    • Appointment Deposit is required before an appointment can be scheduled. The therapist invests time in preparation for each scheduled evaluation or initial visit. This non-refundable nominal fee ensures the scheduled client provides the therapist with appropriate notice of cancellation. On the day of evaluation, the deposit amount is applied towards whatever out-of-pocket costs the client incurs.
    • Insurance Card is required to verify coverage if insurance will be billed. Upload to case history form.
    • Doctor Prescription is required when claims will be filed with insurance. Please ask your doctor’s office to fax to 888-975-7556 before your scheduled appointment date or if you already have a copy, upload to the case history form.
    • Hearing Screening is required for Amerigroup members. Amerigroup will not authorize therapy without this document. This can be completed at your pediatrician’s office.
    • Individualized Education Plan (IEP) copy is required by Amerigroup, Wellcare, Peach State, and Medicaid before services can be initiated. This is only for those students receiving services via public schools.