Speech and language development is a significant indicator in determining a child’s later school success. Early detection and intervention offers the most promising chances for improvement. Preschoolers with speech and language delays are at a greater risk for learning disabilities, reading and writing difficulties and overall academic problems.  A screening determines if further evaluation is necessary.



Atlanta Speech Therapy can provide consultative services for your facilities convenience.  As part of the individualized treatment we provide to families, therapists can also collaborate directly with classroom teachers to increase opportunities for carryover of newly taught skills.

Large group screenings are administered individually, taking approximately 10-15 minutes each, and are available at a discounted group rate ($25 per child). Should further evaluation be necessary, this amount can be deducted from the cost of evaluation or be applied to an insurance co-pay.

*Minimum of 5 screening participants is required for on-site facility visit. 


The child’s language will be screened based on the Common Core Standards. These standards are a national initiative which outlines what is expected of children at each level of development. Within the content area of language, labeling items, following directions, sound/word discrimination, pronouns, scene description, and other early language skills will be assessed.

Also included is a qualitative screening of articulation. This skill is important, as speech-sound disorders place children at-risk for reading difficulties. Children with moderately disordered sound systems tend to have poor auditory, phonological, and verbal memory skills (Sies, Taylor, Freebairn, Hansen, & Lewis 2007).

Voice quality and fluency (stuttering) will also be informally assessed.


Parents will receive information related to developmental norms for their child’s age in addition to sealed results of the screening. Based on the results the parent may be contacted via phone and/or e-mail.

Parents interested in a comprehensive speech-language evaluation can contact us to schedule an in-office visit at our Alpharetta office. The form below should be used by facility administrators to request on-site screenings of 5 or more children. Once scheduled, preschool administrators should direct interested parents to complete the Online Screening Permission Form prior to the on-site visit.

*There is no substitute for a formal speech and/or language evaluation performed by a certified Speech-Language Pathologist. A full evaluation is always the best choice for the most accurate depiction of skills.