Atlanta Speech Therapy, LLC will be conducting speech and language screenings at your child’s school. Screenings determine if further evaluation is necessary. The screening will be performed and/or supervised by an ASHA certified and licensed speech-language pathologist in the following areas of communication:

  • Language: listening and understanding of speaking skills, and social communication with others
  • Articulation: pronunciation of words
  • Voice: quality and pitch of vocalizations
  • Fluency: flow and smoothness of speech

Children with speech and language delays are at a greater risk for learning disabilities, reading & writing difficulties, and overall academic problems. Early detection and intervention offers the most promising chances for improvement.

After the screening you will be notified of the results in a sealed envelope or via e-mail. If the screening indicates that your child does not demonstrate any areas of concern, then no further action will be required of you. If the screening identifies that your child presents with error patterns that are developmentally appropriate at this time, it will be indicated. If speech and/or language errors, which are not typical for his/her age are observed, you will be informed of the areas of weakness identified in the screening. This information will guide your decision to determine if further investigation is warranted to meet the needs of your child.

A comprehensive speech-language evaluation and progressive therapy are services covered by many health insurance plans. We can bill all major commercial/private insurances and we also accept Medicaid (Traditional, Katie Beckett, SSI, Peach State, Amerigroup, CareSource).

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