A social language group is a fun way to develop new skills, meet new friends, and improve interpersonal relationships. Our group will be designed to help children develop skills to establish and maintain relationships at home, school, and play. Skills can be tailored to suit each child’s individual needs within the group setting, targeting:

  • social greetings
  • initiating, maintaining and ending conversations
  • identifying and expressing emotions
  • understanding figurative language
  • joining and participating in group conversations
  • staying on topic
  • identifying and expressing emotions of self and others
  • appropriate tone of voice
  • ability to ask and answer appropriate questions
  • flexibility in social situations
  • problem solving
  • learn ways to “fit in”
  • and most importantly, how to make and maintain friends are taught in social language groups

Each participant is given the opportunity to use these skills in a structured environment, which they learn to apply to real-life situations. We’re interested in meeting the needs of children who find it challenging to communicate efficiently with peers through verbal and nonverbal language. These children often have diagnoses such as autism, Asperger’s syndrome, speech and language impairments, ADHD, learning disabilities, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social anxiety, and also children without a diagnosis, who struggle with peer interactions and are unable to communicate effectively.

We need a minimum of 4-6 participants to start a group. Complete the form below and you will be contacted when an adequate number of participants have been identified for your child’s age group.*Insurance is not accepted for group therapy.

Sessions: Once monthly (until further notice); 1 hour
Cost: $60 per session