Georgia’s Autism Law: An Explanation of the Benefits Ava’s Law Provides for Georgia’s Children

Ava’s Law, named for Ava Bullard of Lyons, GA, whose early autism treatment helped to restore her speech, kept close watch as Governor Nathan Deal signed Georgia’s Autism bill into law on April 29th 2015. ¬†COMPLETE OUR COMMUNICATION SCREENER AND RECEIVE IMMEDIATE RESULTS! What Does this bill mean for Georgia Families? Here’s how we interpret Georgia Constitution House Bill 429 (aka Ava’s Law) for meaningful autism … Read More

How to Appeal a Speech Therapy Health Insurance Denial

More often than not, patients seeking speech and language services are denied by their insurance companies, though many ¬†insurance plans plainly state speech-language therapy is a covered benefit.¬†Understanding your employers healthcare benefits manual is a good starting place. Further explanation of your coverage can be obtained from the benefits coordinator at your workplace.Policies may refer to treatment as speech therapy, speech pathology, rehabilitation services, speech-language, occupational, … Read More