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6 Georgia Medicaid Waivers Explained (Video)

Most parents will undoubtedly agree kids are expensive! In 2015, CNN Money reported the cost of raising a child was $233,610. When a child has special …

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Articulation Disorder

PACIFIERS: Positives & Negatives

Binky, paci, bink, soothie. A pacifier goes by many different names, but the one thing that remains the same is that it can play an …

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Connecting the Dots: Autism and Nutrition

Guest blogger Maia Walton, MD of The M Center Many chronic illnesses, including Autism, can drastically improve by adjusting your diet. Sound too simplistic to …

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speech therapy SLP

Does My Child Need Speech Therapy?

The need for speech therapy depends on many factors. Speech and language problems are not uncommon in children. Kids progress and develop at different rates. …

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31 Boardgames to Improve Your Child’s Learning

Family game night can be an opportunity for you to help your child fine tune a specific area of learning or even develop functional skills. …

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Repetitive Children's Storybooks

10 Repetitive Children’s Storybooks You Should Own

All books are excellent tools for encouraging language development. Repetitive children’s storybooks are great for children with language disorders and those with childhood apraxia of …

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