Financial Assistance: 6 Medical Grants for Speech Therapy

grants for speech therapy

As the insurance laws landscape changes, it is inevitable that benefits will also change. Many are finding that our deductibles are growing, yet our coverage is decreasing. Who wouldn’t welcome medical assistance? When it comes to therapy, we are noticing families’ deductibles are such high amounts that many typically do not meet their deductible, even when closing in on a year’s worth of treatment. This results in families paying for services 100% out of pocket. Similarly, sometimes additional costs can be incurred when a child needs a specific device or equipment to meet their therapeutic needs, but it is not covered by the insurance policy. In these cases, it would not hurt to have some assistance.

Medical Assistance Grants for Speech Therapy

Champions for Children helps Georgia’s medically fragile and special needs children realize their full potential and enjoy a state of well being, including being cared for by their families at home. Additional program goals are to increase awareness throughout Georgia about non-profit services available to medically fragile and special needs children and increase access to healthcare and support services.

United Healthcare Children’s Foundation mission is to provide medical grants for speech therapy that significantly enhance the clinical condition or quality of life of children across the United States, covered under a commercial health insurance plan and are 16 years old or younger.

First Hand Foundation is a public 501(c)(3) organization that provides funding for individual children—both domestically and globally—who need assistance with clinical necessities (such as surgery, medication and therapy), medical equipment and travel related to care.

Small Steps in Speech is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization which provides medical assistance grants for speech therapy on behalf of children with speech and language disorders for therapies, treatments, communicative devices, and other services aimed at improving their communication skills. A grant from Small Steps in Speech provides financial support to families seeking speech and language services for their children, either not covered or not fully covered by their health care plan.

My Gym Foundation accepts applications from or on behalf of children with physical, cognitive or developmental disabilities and those coping with chronic illness. Requests, limited to gifts of $500 or less, may include but are not limited to rehabilitative therapy, assistive devices, medical equipment and sensory items.

Building Blocks for Kids envisions a community where the needs of children with physical, emotional and developmental challenges are being met. Our mission is to bridge the funding gap for products and services that help improve the quality of life for these children.

Friends of Man is the charitable arm of the Institute for the New Man, gives help to people who find themselves in a situation where they have nowhere else to turn. It may be an elderly person on a fixed income, a working family whose child is struck by severe illness, an accident victim, a disabled person, or a schoolchild whose family can\’t afford basic needs.

In Georgia, your child may also qualify for a Medicaid waiver that does not take your family’s income into account.

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