3 Household Items to Encourage Language Development in Toddlers

language development in toddlers

As speech-language pathologists, we undergo at least 6 years of training in evaluating and treating communication and feeding disorders across the lifespan (newborn to geriatric). Often, we learn techniques to treat disorders and delays using fancy tools with evidence-based research. One experience many therapists can attest to in graduate school is being tasked with using only what’s in our bag (i.e. purse, school bag, etc.) to complete a therapy session. Professors task us with this challenge to reinforce the fact that anything in our environment can be used to encourage language development in toddlers. This is the same concept behind many of the videos created by Adrienne of Learn with Adrienne.

In the following videos she models how you can use common items in your household to encourage language development in your toddler:

Diaper Bag

Masking Tape

Drinking Straws

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