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Independent Educational Evaluation Georgia

6 Things You Should Know About Speech-Language Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE) in Georgia

What is an Independent Educational Evaluation? The Georgia Department of Education defines an Individualized Educational Evaluation as an evaluation conducted by a qualified individual who …

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play skills

Observe 6 Play Skills Based on Your Child’s Age

As an expert in child development, in the assessment process, a question I often ask parents and often misunderstood is: “Does your child play with …

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interactive storybook

4 Interactive Storybook Reading Tips to Improve Vocabulary in Young Children

Children with specific language impairment (SLI) have significant language deficits compared to their peers in the absence of an obvious causal factor. These deficits affect …

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developmental screeners delays
Community Resources

4 Online Developmental Screeners for Infants and Toddlers w/ Suspected Developmental Delays

Sometimes, when a young child has yet to speak their first words, the first thought of action is a referral to a speech-language pathologist. As …

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5 IEP and 504 Plan Tips Every Parent Needs to Know

Guest blogger Christy Calbos, Esq of Calbos Law Just Starting the Process? Know the difference between a 504 Plan and Special Education IEP. For special …

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toddler talk
Early Intervention

11 Reasons Why My Toddler is Not Talking?

When we think of a toddler learning to speak, we expect it as a natural outcome in development, yet we often do not consider the …

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