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To guide caregivers through the least-restrictive route to access equitable healthcare and education, thereby enabling children to achieve their full potential.

Certified Speech-Language Pathologist

Anesha Frazer

As the founder of Atlanta Speech Therapy, she has worked as a speech-language pathologist for over 10 years. Anesha earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from the University of Florida and her Master’s Degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Florida State University, where she participated in research related to language and literacy. 

Her clinical experience includes a variety of disorders stemming from working in childcare centers, public schools, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers with children and adults. She is a certified member of the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) and licensed in the state of Georgia.

As a former school-based therapist, she has experience participating in hundreds of special education meetings. She now specializes in helping caregivers understand navigate the system to improve their child’s educational outcome. She is your secret weapon.

The following certifications are additional trainings invested to expand clinical knowledge:

Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes Visualizing and Verbalizing for Language Comprehension and Thinking® (V/V®)​

Visualizing and Verbalizing teaches students who struggle with reading comprehension and language processing to build pictures in their minds as they listen to or read text.

Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes Seeing Stars®: Symbol Imagery for Phonological and Orthographic Processing in Reading and Spelling (SI™)

Seeing Stars develops symbol imagery - the ability to visualize sounds and letters in words - as a basis for orthographic awareness, phonemic awareness, word attack, word recognition, spelling, and contextual reading fluency.

Compton PESL Accent Modification Certified Instructor​

Compton PESL teaches non-native and regional American English speakers how to produce the pronunciation and intonation patterns of American English as it is spoken by most English speakers in the United States.

ABT Certified Provider of The Listening Program (ABT CP-TLP)​

The Listening Program (TLP) uses neuroscience-based music as a therapy to overcome negative sound exposure and achieve optimum brain health and functioning.

Media Features

January 2016
Media: ASHA Leader (Professional Magazine)
Publisher: American Speech-Language and Hearing Association

February 2017
Media: Lifetime (Television)
Publisher: Little Women: Atlanta (season 3, episode 7)

Client SuccessExperienceHappiness Stories

Shannon H.

Anesha has been an absolute blessing to my daughter. After feeling frustrated about not being able to understand my child and bad experiences at another speech office, I was happy to find Atlanta Speech Therapy. We have been coming here for a little over a year and my daughter started improving faster than where we were before and was more comfortable. People ask why I travel 30mins without traffic 2x a week to speech when there are closer places, I say because when your a parent there is nothing you won’t do for your child to have the best, my daughter started school this August and her teacher said she didn’t notice my kid gad a speech issue. Which blew my mind b/c no one could even understand her months ago. She loves going to speech and seeing Nesha as she lovingly nicked name. The moment you meet and walk in you feel welcomed and comfortable and the level of cleanliness is awesome. Highly recommend and forever grateful to Atlanta Speech Therapy.

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Michelle T.

Anesha Fraser of Atlanta Speech Therapy is the best speech therapist we’ve had and our son has been in speech therapy since he was two and a half. Anesha has been instrumental in helping us figure our little guy out–she sends pertinent articles, takes proactive steps with insurance, and gives us honest feedback about his progress. I’m always happy to see a “gold star” day, but honestly those days when he struggles are just as important in determining what helps him the most. Our son isn’t the easiest to work with, especially after a long day at school, and she has done a great job in not only winning him over, but in making him excited about what he will learn is speech therapy today. He looks forward to speech days and that’s all thanks to Anesha’s support. He’s doing great, and we are seeing results in other areas of his life–at school, at home, and in sports–all because he is getting the best speech and language service possible. Thank you Atlanta Speech Therapy!

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