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5 Children’s Books for Promoting Speech and Language Skills

It is important to understand that each child learns differently, but books are excellent tools for promoting speech and language skills, as it is the foundation of learning. Within therapy, books are always targeted to encourage language via expansion/extension, questions, labeling, etc.

Maya’s Book Nook does a great job elaborating language and literacy opportunities in their Beyond the Book series.

Below are the foundational skills of language using common books that you may already have in your personal library.

Books for Promoting Speech and Language SkillsĀ 


Brown Bear

  • label/identify colors, animals, people
  • pronouns “I” and “me”
  • produce animal sounds
The Very Hungry Caterpillar

  • label/identify colors and food
  • learn about days of the week
  • sequence how a butterfly is made
  • target multisyllabic words
Dear Zoo

  • label/identify colors and animals
  • produce animal sounds
  • target adjectives big, small, grumpy, fierce
  • WH questions (i.e. what doe a money eat?)
  • target multisyllabic words
Goodnight Moon

  • target multisyllabic words
  • label/identify multiple pictured nouns, colors
  • target verbs
Do Cows Meow?

  • label/identify animals
  • target counting (# teeth)
  • produce animal sounds

A favorite book of many at our practice is Do Cows Meow? Maybe it’s the flaps or the silly sounds the therapists makes while reading, but here is a peek into our therapy room as we use this book to promote speech and language skills.

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