Georgia Private School Scholarship: Funding Sources for K-12 Students

Georgia private school scholarship

The Georgia Private School (Scholarship) Tax Credit Law has created scholarship opportunities for Georgia K-12 elementary, middle, and high school students to receive funding to attend an accredited Georgia private school through student scholarship organizations (SSOs). Generally, the K-12 student must have been enrolled in a Georgia public school for at least 6 weeks before applying. However, if the public elementary, middle, or high school the child is assigned to is identified as a low-performing school, the enrollment and 6-week attendance requirement are waived. What’s your child’s assigned school rating (CCRPI)?

Eligibility for Georgia private school scholarships for public K-12 students is automatic for:

    • Qualified to enroll in Pre K, Kindergarten, or first grade
    • Was enrolled in public school or homeschooled last year
    • Has ever received a scholarship through the program

Waiver of the 6-week public school attendance applies to students who:

    • Based on residence, would be assigned to a low-performing school
    • Documented cases of physical violence or verbal abuse threatening physical harm
    • Homeschooled year prior
    • Previously received a scholarship

Scholarship applications will be available from February 1st through December 15th of each year.

Approved Georgia Private School Scholarship Organizations


AAA Scholarship Foundation Inc.
A Pay It Forward Scholarship, Inc.
Alyn Scholarship Fund, Inc.
ALEF Fund, Inc.
Apogee Georgia School Choice Scholarship Fund
Arete Scholars Fund, Inc.
Christian International Counseling & Ministries, Inc.
Creative Community Outreach Inc.
Dianne and Friends, Inc.
Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program, Inc.
Georgia Leadership Foundation, Inc.
Georgia Student Scholarship Organization, Inc.
Georgia Tax Credit Scholarship Program, Inc.
Golden Dome Scholarship Fund, Inc.
GRACE Scholars, Inc.
KIPP Metro Atlanta Opportunity Fund
Learning to Serve
PACE Scholarship Organization Corp.
Student Scholarship Organization for Greek Americans
The Georgia Tuition Assistance Program, Inc.
Veritas School of Social Sciences
Vision SSO, Inc.

Families accepted to a private school may be eligible for additional funding with a GOAL Scholarship. The Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program does not accept applications directly from parents or guardians. Instead, it is up to one of the GOAL participating schools to recommend a student to receive a GOAL Scholarship.

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