Online Speech Therapy

Services continue to be provided virtually as of July 2023.


Receive therapeutic intervention services from the comfort of your home.


Research supports the validity and reliability of speech-language assessment and treatment virtually.


Implementation of therapeutic strategies within the natural environment improves learning and carryover.

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Understanding Teletherapy

Does online speech therapy work for toddlers?preschoolers?school-age kids?

Yes! We serve children as young as 18 months through online speech therapy.  For younger children, intervention is heavily guided through caregiver coaching within daily routines and a structured environment. This allows the child to receive therapy throughout their day.

For older children, the child engages directly with the therapist via fun learning activities. 

For all ages, caregivers are provided with carryover activities to reinforce the day’s treatment.

Online speech therapy, also known as teletherapy or virtual therapy, is the same intervention a child receives in-person though it is through the use of technology.  We work with your child, family included, while connected via a secured synchronous platform, addressing functional goals to improve communication outcomes.

Online speech therapy is offered to families throughout Georgia. 

As with in-person therapy, we complete the same steps in determining appropriateness, starting with an evaluation. Based on the results, we determine if your child is appropriate for teletherapy, and the goals which will be addressed.

For children three years old and younger, we employ family-centered intervention strategies heavily based on functional naturalistic routines. We support families during their child’s usual activities. Each session is dynamic and individualized for functional outcomes.

Interested in the evidenced-based research behind teletherapy? American Speech-Language and Hearing Association has compiled a list of applicable peer-reviewed articles here.

What's needed?

Computer, Tablet, or Smart Phone

Internal or External Web Camera

Internal or External Microphone and Speaker

Earbuds for Routines-Based Intervention

Current Chrome Browser

Internet Connection Speed of 3 mbps

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