Online Speech Therapy

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Online speech therapy, also known as teletherapy or virtual therapy, is the same intervention a child receives in-person though it is through the use of technology.  We work with your child, family included, while connected via a secured synchronous platform, addressing functional goals to improve communication outcomes.

This service is offered to families throughout Georgia. 

As with in-person therapy, we complete the same steps in determining appropriateness, starting with an evaluation. Based on the results, we determine if your child is appropriate for teletherapy, and if appropriate, the goals which will be addressed.

For children three years old and younger, we employ family-centered intervention strategies heavily based on functional naturalistic routines. We support families during their usual activities with their child. Each session is dynamic and individualized.

Interested in the evidenced-based research behind teletherapy? American Speech-Language and Hearing Association has compiled a list of applicable peer-reviewed articles here.

What's Needed for Online Speech Therapy?

Families likely already have what’s needed: